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Credit Flexibility

  • Credit Flexibility is an opportunity for students to create unique learning experiences. Credit Flexibility allows students to demonstrate their understanding and skills according to their individual learning styles and experiences. All high school students have the opportunity to submit an application for Credit Flexibility. 

    The two credit CREDIT FLEXIBILITY Options are:

    1: TEST OUT:  Credit by Subject Area Competency through Assessments (Ohio Option 2)

    • Credit by Subject Area Competency through Assessment will vary from course to course.
    • Most courses will require at least two components to earn credit (2 semester exams).
    • Testing out allows students to earn credit for a high school course through the successful completion of assessment(s).
    • Click here for the Ohio Option 2 Form

    2: EDUCATIONAL OPTIONS:  Credit by Educational Options (Ohio Option 3)*

    • Credit by Educational Option consists of a student developing his/her own proposal describing in detail how they will demonstrate proficiency of the academic content standards/grade level indicators of the identified course.
    • This includes projects, internships, experiential learning, etc.
    • This also includes earning credit through taking a course from an outside online provider, including summer learning. 
    • NOTE: The deadline for summer learning forms is MAY 1st.
    • Click here for the Ohio Option 3 Form

    * Change effective April 2024.  All students interested in online learning through outside providers, should submit Credit Flexibility paperwork and receive approval PRIOR to registering for an online course. The May 1st deadline applies to summer AND fall online learning. 

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