Scottish Corners Elementary

  • Original Cost: $5,027,396

    Opened: 1987

    Scottish Corners opened in 1987, introducing a new architectural style to the district. Parents, future students and PTO members in the attendance area of the school created six to eight potential names for the school. At a PTO meeting, the crowd was divided between “Scottish Corners” and “Meadows.” After a long discussion and a close vote, the name Scottish Corners was chosen. Scottish Corners’ name comes from a gas station that was called Scotty’s Corner, formerly located on Post Road. The gas station also served as a carryout and lunch counter. There are many stories surrounding the nature of this gas station. While some may be an urban legend, others may actually be true. One of the stories was that Scotty had two little dogs that would do tricks for customers. Scotty claimed that at least one of them had performed for the Queen of England. Another story alleges that a large painting of a man in a full Scottish kilt outfit was on the side of the Scotty’s Corner store.

    The building is 66,018 square feet in size.

    District enrollment when the building opened was 5,963 students.