Dr. Henry W. Karrer Middle School

  • Original Cost: $16,663,099

    Opened: 1999

    In 1997, there was a unanimous vote to name the district’s fourth middle school after Dr. Henry Karrer, which was situated on land once owned by Karrer’s ancestors. In 1924, Karrer graduated from Dublin High school at the very young age of 16. After just three years of attending classes, he was accepted into medical school at The Ohio State University. Dr. Karrer practiced medicine from 1932 until 1964. While he moved a few times, Dr. Karrer’s last office opened in 1948 at 114 South High Street and stayed there until 1964 when he suffered a stroke and was unable to resume his practice. No appointments were necessary to see Dr. Karrer, and he was known for occasionally not charging patients or charging lower rates to those who could not afford medical care. His daughter Carolyn Klein said that her father “had a keen skill for diagnosing rare illnesses, often through his sense of smell! He was well respected and other physicians consulted him for their own care as well as their patients.”  A long-time Dublin resident, Herb Jones, remembers that Dr. Karrer, “was one of the old brand of physicians who treated the patient, not the disease.” In 1957, Dr. Karrer was named President of Grant Medical Hospital’s staff. He passed away on October 27, 1977.

    Construction of the school was completed in 1998. However, the building did not officially open until 1999 once an operating levy was passed.

    District enrollment when the building opened was 11,318 students.

    The building is 126,000 square feet in size.