Eversole Run Middle School

  • Original Cost: $42,300,000

    Opened: 2021

    Eversole Run Middle School is named after the closest body of water: a creek that flows west from the Scioto River ending in a body of water known as Twin Lakes Reservoir in Union County. Geographically, the creek correlates with the historical figure Abraham Depp, for whom the elementary that is located on the same property was named. Eversole Run is also a subdivision in Jerome Village. Symbolically, having Eversole Run start in the northwest portion of our District, then connect to the Scioto River, which has the North and South Fork Indian Run waterways joining the Scioto, and having the river continue to the southeast portion, connects the district together. Historical individuals that bear the name include John H. Eversole, buried at 21 years old in the oldest section of our Hill Cemetery in 1839, Henry Eversole, buried at 7 years old in a different cemetery in 1823, as well as several others found in the Dublin Cemetery. That leads us to conclude that the family name was definitely in this area, between Concord and Jerome Townships & Dublin.

    District enrollment when the building opened was 15,800.

    The building is 140,000 square feet in size.