Indian Run Elementary

  • Original Cost: $388,350

    Opened: March 12, 1961

    Indian Run Elementary was the District’s first elementary school, opening on March 12, 1961. The facility was the first school built specifically for elementary students in the Washington Local Schools. This allowed for elementary students to attend school in a separate building from the middle and high school students in the 1919 building. The first kindergarten classes in Dublin were also conducted here. John Shonkwiler, a student at Dublin High School, named Indian Run Elementary School in 1961. According to John, he chose this name “...because I spent most of my childhood playing with friends in the Indian Run ravine, which is located right behind the school.” Indian Run ravine and falls were landmarks where many people from the village of Dublin visited in the springtime to enjoy wild flowers, violets and the cascading water flowing over the falls. Students who attended the 1919 Building always made a spring field trip to see the caves, flowers and arched bridge, and to enjoy the serenity of Indian Run.

    District enrollment when the building opened was 1,000 students.

    The original square footage of Indian Run was 58,000 square feet.