Welcome Message from the Principal


      To assist all incoming fifth graders with "need to know scheduling information" as well as Grizzell-specific details for transitioning to Middle School, we have created this Grizzell 5th to 6th grade webpage.

      Please take time as a family to review the information provided on events, how to schedule your classes, and how to select a music class. 

      We are so excited to have you join our school this fall as a Celt!

      Welcome to Grizzell!

Welcome Rising 6th Graders by Savannah Johnson

School Counselor/Scheduling

Grizzell Music Teachers

  • Pictured Left to Right: Mrs. Kinn, Ms. Liddle, and Mr. Lewis

Grizzell MS 5th to 6th Grade Curriculum Presentation

2024 Music Scheduling Options

School Supply Kits for 2024/2025 School Year are now available!

  • I know that we still have several weeks in the school year, but we are already getting ready for next year. Below you will find the links to the school supply kits for the 2024/2025 school year. We provide this as a one stop shop for most of what is needed at Grizzell. The kits will be delivered to Grizzell and you will be able to pick them up during orientation days the week before the start of school.

    * In addition to what is within the kit, all students will need a set of headphones and a calculator.

    * Those 8th graders taking Spanish will need to order both the 8th grade and 8th Spanish kits.

    6th - 8th Grade Math - Calculator - TI-30XIIS - This calculator is required in 6th grade and will be used throughout middle school. This is available as a separate purchase through 1st Day School Supplies or can be purchased at a store.

    Algebra and Geometry - We recommend that the students purchase a TI-84 Plus CE. This is a graphing calculator that will be used through high school.


    Click HERE to order!!!

Clubs and Activities

  • Grizzell Middle School offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for 6th grade students, including:

    Art Club
    Battle of the Books
    Celtic Connections
    Drama Club
    Entrepreneurship Club
    Grizzell Gives Back
    Math Counts
    Junior Teen Institute
    Power of the Pen
    Spelling Bee
    Student Council
    Sustainability Club
    Select Choir
    Tenor Bass Choir
    Yearbook Club
    Research Club
    Investment Club 
    Military Appreciation Club

    Please visit the Clubs and Activities page on the website for more detailed information.