• We have received many emails and phone calls about Deer Run Elementary. The volume makes it challenging for us to respond promptly to each one. We want to assure you that your voices are being heard, that all hands are on deck, and that we are actively working toward addressing the matters raised.

    As a comprehensive response to the many emails and calls, the DCS leadership team has put together the following Frequently Asked Questions list to address concerns and inquiries related to the recent issues with our roof. This document aims to provide clarity and information regarding the current situation and the steps being taken to address the problem. As the situation evolves, questions and answers are being added to the list.

    We hope the FAQs address the many questions that have been sent in. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our families.

    April 23 Air Quality Report

    March 25 AIR Quality REport


    February 14 AiR QUALITY REPORT



January 26 Update

  • Why does there continue to be leaks in the roof at Deer Run Elementary?

  • What is the short-term response?

  • What is the long-term solution?

  • Why isn’t the roof being replaced immediately?

  • Will there be an air quality test and when?

  • Why wasn’t the roof replaced already?

  • Is there a rat and/or mice infestation at Deer Run Elementary?

  • Is the district planning a public meeting to address the roof leaking?

January 28 Update

  • What was done this weekend to prepare for students returning?

  • What about the air quality concerns?

  • What is the timeline for the roof replacement project?

  • What is the district’s experience with responding to leaky roofs?

  • Why is Franklin County Public Health involved?

  • What has been done and what is being planned to improve Deer Run this summer?

  • Are there plans to replace Deer Run Elementary?

January 30 & February 1 Updates

  • What were the results of the initial air quality test?

  • What was the Public Health Commissioner's response after touring Deer Run?

Additional Updates

  • What were the results of the February 14 air quality test?

  • What were the results of the February 26 air quality test?

  • Where were the results of the March air quality test?

  • What were the results of the April air quality test?