Willard Grizzell Middle School

  • Original Cost: $10,519,258

    Opened: 1994 

    During World War II, Willard Grizzell joined the United States Army Air Corps and served as an electrician on B-29 bombers. From November 1942 until December 1944, he served his country and earned the rank of sergeant. Following his military service, Grizzell completed his education at The Ohio State University and became a Dublin science and math teacher in 1957. He later coached football, became a high school counselor and was named principal of Dublin High School. In September 1961, Grizzell was named Executive Head of the Schools, and for 17 years, served the students and families of Dublin Schools as superintendent. Grizzell had a reputation for being a “do-it-yourselfer.” Rarely found in his office, instead he was out in the classrooms visiting students, or in the boiler room tinkering to get the building heated himself. (He didn’t always have to be in his office anyway, because his assistant, Mary Emma Bailey, was always “holding down the fort” for him). Mr. Grizzell’s sound financial guidance and assurance of a quality teacher in every classroom for every child gave the district strong foundations for growth. Grizzell retired from the Dublin Local Schools in 1981, having brought Dublin from its infancy to the present era of growth. Willard Grizzell is often regarded as “The Father of today’s Dublin City Schools.” Grizzell Middle School was honored as a Blue Ribbon School in 2009 by the U.S. Department of Education.

    District enrollment when the building opened was 9,408 students.

    The building is 123,400 square feet in size.