• Dublin Co-Op

    Both the Dublin Co-Op and Young Professionals Academy (YPA) offer semester-long internship experiences. Read below to determine the best fit.

    Dublin Co-Op is a level-two internship opportunity for students who already possess independent skills and the know-how to secure an internship. Students need time during or outside the school day to complete the Co-Op hours. Students are required to connect virtually with the instructor and be self-driven for the remainder of the time. 

    Young Professionals Academy (YPA) is a level-one internship opportunity for students looking to learn how to market their skills and abilities to others while participating in two six-week professional workplace learning experiences. Students will also need to attend seminar days at the Emerald Campus for in-class school work. The instructor will support students in finding and setting up internship opportunities. Visit the YPA Webpage. Questions? Contact Mr. Mark Mousa, Young Professionals Academy Internship Coordinator.

    Dublin Co-Op Course Description:

    • Co-op experiences will allow students to engage in real-world learning and explore potential career pathways. Co-op experiences may take place during or outside the school day and may include site-based or project-based opportunities. Students will be expected to complete onboarding experiences with an assigned co-op advisor prior to starting the co-op experience. Students will participate in planning, goal setting, and other skills aligned to the OhioMeansJob Seal. Students must secure their own co-op experience and transportation; students who have not secured a co-op experience by the fourth week of the semester will need to adjust their schedule. Students are encouraged to pair this course with YPA and/or Leadership Academy with this course; however, it is not mandatory.

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      Internship Coordinator:
      Mr. Drew Jones, Dublin Co-Op