• DSHS Attendance Email: dshs_attendance@dublinschools.net

    DSHS Attendance Voicemail: 614-717-2469

    DSHS Fax Number: 614-717-2484

    Ohio law requires written notification of a student's absence or for a student needing to leave our responsibility. 



    If your child will be absent or late for school, please email our attendance office at dshs_attendance@dublinschools.net. Include your student’s first and last name, your student’s grade, and the reason for your student’s absence. Without written notification of an absence, the absence will be unexcused. 



    If you are unable to send an email, you may call our attendance line at 614-717-2469 to leave a voicemail. When leaving a message, please state and spell your student’s first and last name, your student’s grade, and the reason for your student’s absence.  Please send an email (dshs_attendance@dublinschools.net) or send in a written note with your student to explain the absence for it to be excused. Without an email or written and signed note from the parent/guardian, the student’s absence will be unexcused.


    Absence time due to medical appointments with a medical note from the provider is excused and DOES NOT count towards habitual absences.  Medical notes can be sent by email to the attendance email address, by fax, or can be brought to the attendance secretary. Once the medical note is received, the student's absence time will be edited as medically excused.  


    Pre-Arranged Absences

    If your child will have an extended absence during the school year, a Pre-Arranged Absence form must be completed and on file in the office three days prior to the leave.  A form can be picked up in the office or downloaded using the link below. If your child will be out of town for travel, sports tournaments, family events, etc., these will always be unexcused absences.


    Pre-Arranged Absence Form

    Pre-arranged does not mean the absence is excused.

    The complete district attendance policy can be found here: Student Handbook