• Karrer Middle School is proud to support our local military families. Thank you for your service to our country!

  • Welcome to Karrer Middle School!  Karrer supports the many military families that live in our community. As a school, we understand and value the unique situations that our students face everyday. We want every military family to know that we are here to support them, encourage them, and to give them resources they need for success. 

    On this page you will find many resources to support your family and your children as they work to strengthen their education. Our school members honor and celebrate our military families and military history in several ways:

    • Veterans Appreciation Night at our middle school football, volleyball, and basketball games.

    •  Veterans Day events supported through our School clubs.

    • Honor Flight guardians and writing thank you letters to the veterans on the flights.

    • Passing out thank you cards to military members/veterans in Washington DC.

    • Writing and passing out Thank you cards at the National Veterans Memorial Museum in Columbus, Ohio during their Veterans Day celebration.

    • Fundraising drives for military-related organizations such as Blue Star Moms.


    Approximately 35,000 students in Ohio are members of military families. Frequent moves and family separations through deployments, as well as reintegration issues make life especially challenging. Ohio offers a number of programs to assist military families. On this page, you will find helpful links (in green) and downloadable files for extensive resources available to military families. 

    Mrs. Wilch, along with our Purple Star Club, earned the Purple Star Designation for our school. This designation is awarded to schools that are identified as being the most committed and best equipped to meet the needs of our service-connected students and families. This was made possible through all the hard work that Mrs. Wilch has done, along with the Purple Star Club, and it is no small feat. There are only 525 designated schools across the state. 

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Wilch for additional support and assistance: 

    Beth Wilch: wilch_beth@dublinschools.net    


Purple Star Designation