1. An extracurricular activity is defined as a program of out-of-class pursuits supervised and/or financed by the school, in which students enjoy freedom of participation.  Extracurricular activities are not part of regular school curriculum and are not graded.

    2. Club sports will not be affected by these guidelines unless determined to apply by the administration.

  • Philosophy, Expectations, and Dublin City Schools Believes

  • Co-Curricular Activity Code Orientation/Education

  • Rules of Co-Curricular/Extracurricular Participation

  • Additional Athletic Information

  • Transportation

  • Lettering Guidelines/Awards

  • Facility Usage and Equipment

  • O.H.S.A.A.

  • Dublin City Schools Sportsmanship Guidelines Philosophy

  • Players, Staff, Other Team Personnel

  • Spectators/Band Members (includes all persons in attendance at the school event)

  • Athletics

  • Athletic League Rules

  • Insurance Coverage/Risk of Participation

  • Emergency Medical Cards/Physical Examination Cards