Welcome to PATHS

  • As a student in one of our alternative learning programs at Emerald Campus, you will play an important role in determining your future. Postsecondary programming will focus on the transition from school to work/life once the student has completed their high school requirements, including four years of high school.       

    We believe you have the potential and the desire to be successful.  We will provide you with an environment where you can learn and progress. Your success will depend on you and our team of professionals working together.

    Please review this handbook as it provides important information about the policies and procedures of Dublin City Schools, specifically as it applies to our postsecondary programs. We reserve the right to change policies and procedures.  For a comprehensive statement of district policies and procedures we direct you to the 2023-2024 High School Handbook.  All students are held accountable for the responsibilities and expectations outlined in the student handbook.

    Visit https://www.dublinschools.net/TransitionServices.aspx to view individual program web pages and links to various community events and resources. This will be an important website to stay connected with throughout the year.  Additional resources include our PATHS website at https://www.dublinschools.net/Page/1389 and our various social media sites: @PostSecondDCS; @DublinWorks; #seeuslearn; @DCSEmerald; and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DublinWorks

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