• Dublin City Schools take an active role in promoting, supporting, and modeling healthy eating habits for our students. As a result, we have revised some of our former school practices regarding the distribution of edible treats to celebrate student birthdays or special events throughout the school year.

    • Each school has committed to a non-edible treat practice regarding birthdays or special events specific to individual students or classes of students. This means that students will not bring in food items for birthday treats or to celebrate events such as moving, etc. Instead, each school can help identify how to celebrate special events in ways that do not involve edible treats.

    • Annual school wide celebrations will continue to promote healthy eating as well by providing nutritional snack options such as fruits and vegetables. Schools will limit sweet treats for school wide events to one item per student.

    Children embrace being recognized by their peers and teachers for special occasions. We invite the Dublin school community to join us in our efforts to promote healthy and nutritious habits in our students.

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