• Mentee/Mentor Connections

    Mentors make a difference in a mentee's life. A mentor can be a guide, friend, and resource who shares educational and professional experiences to provide career guidance and professional contact. 

    Mentors can serve as:

    • A motivator – Express belief and confidence in the mentee’s abilities and encourage the mentee to try new things.

    • A resource – Teach and advise the mentee about making professional contact and introduce the mentee to new people, places, or ideas.

    • A supporter – Encourage open and honest dialogue. Listen and respond to the needs of the mentee.

    • A coach – Help the mentee develop and find ways to achieve realistic and meaningful goals.

     Potential Benefits for a Mentee:

    • Prepares you for a new workplace or entry into a professional workplace

    • Gain a new perspective from professionals

    • Shape your future and your local community

    • Improves professional skills

    • Learn industry insights

    • Gain career advice and guidance

    The following is what will be suggested as a framework to start a mentee/mentor relationship:

    1. Meet minimally for 1 hour per month or at least quarterly (in person, video stream, or by phone).

    2. The mentee should outline what they want to get out of the relationship and learn from their mentor.


    Interested in participating in the program as a mentor, mentee, or pathway resource, please use this Google Form to provide your request to the Dublin alumni team.