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Dublin City Schools

Alumni Association

  • The Dublin City Schools Alumni Association is pleased to announce the opportunity for alumni to connect with a network of representatives in a variety of industries.

    Are you looking for academic guidance?  Career and personal development advice? If so, you have made it to the right place. Whether you are exploring your pathway & career options, or looking for a mentor, Dublin City Schools is committed to providing support and connections in helping alumni achieve professional goals.

    As an extension of the Dublin City Schools programming, we strive to connect our alumni with our network of professionals in pursuit of exploring, experiencing, and preparing for their professional goals.  Opportunities are expansive and we can categorize professional opportunities into four categories to meet professional goals, the 4 Es pathways, which can include one to all of the Es in achieving professional goals. 

    The 4Es pathways include:

    • Education
    • Enlistment
    • Employment
    • Entrepreneurship

    Career opportunities can be further segmented into six categories:

    • Agriculture and Environmental Systems
    • Arts and Communication
    • Business and Law
    • Education, Hospitality, and Human Services
    • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Technology
    • Health Science and Public Safety

    This program aims to provide:

    • 4 Es pathway resources
    • Mentee/mentor connections
    • Tips for making the most of a mentee/mentor connection


    Interested in participating in the program as a mentor, mentee, or pathway resource, please use this Google Form to provide your request to the Dublin alumni team.