LiFEsports Dublin

  • LiFEsports “prepares youth for life and leadership through sport.” Youth learn how to control their emotions, work in teams, and be socially responsible, all while improving their fundamental motor skills and being exposed to 8 different sports.

    LiFEsports in Dublin supports our community’s most vulnerable youth who are at-risk of falling behind. At the LiFEsports Summer Camp, youth learn four key social skills through their sport participation (Self-Control, Effort, Teamwork, and Social Responsibility; SETS). Specifically, youth receive 15 hours play-based social skills instruction (called Chalk Talk) where they learn and practice SETS. They also participate in 5-hours of instruction in 8 different sports (i.e., lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee, dance, etc.), thereby allowing them the opportunity to sample multiple sports and apply SETS on the field and court. Once camp is over, youth are invited to sport clinics offered during the academic year. LiFEsports staff continue to reinforce the application of SETS to real-life settings such as at school or in the community. Long-term relationships with youth and families are nurtured. Kids benefit hugely, as evidenced by our outcomes data.