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    Helping your child navigate today's social media can be an overwhelming challenge.  Questions range from deciding the appropriate age to own a cell phone, to navigating safe and dangerous apps. This page will be continually updated with articles and resources to help parents and guardians navigate this complicated and ever-changing world.

    First Cell Phone

    Is your child asking for a cell phone? If they aren’t now, they probably will be soon. Fortunately, there are some great first cell phone options for kids who are not ready for a full smartphone. This resource looks at the features and compares Gabb vs. Pinwheel vs. Bark devices to help you determine the best option for your family.

    First Cell Phones for Kids

    Teen Apps and Monitoring

    Smart Social- Popular Teen Apps

    Parental Control Software

    Teen Slang, emojis and hashtags

    • With students having constant access to social media, texting, and the internet, they’ve managed to create a secret code language that hides their behavior from parents and teachers. Some students who use code words and secret hashtags feel like they can easily misbehave because their parents aren’t even aware of what they are chatting about. It’s important for parents and educators to stay informed on this ever-changing teen slang that is so prominent today on social media.

    Screen Time

    With studies indicating that too much screen time can have a negative impact on children, many parents are searching for ways to protect their kids and regulate screen time. 

    100+ Offline activities

    Viral Challenges

    Viral challenges encourage students to do dangerous things to garner likes, views, attention, and subscribers. These challenges can be found across several social networks and may encourage students to perform dangerous activities. keeps parents updated on these social media challenges before an incident may occur in your community. 

    Tik Tok Challenges


    On Our Sleeves Social Media Resources