TB Test Requirements

  • Dublin City Schools requires documentation of a negative tuberculosis test for any student that was born in a TB endemic region and/or has spent 30 or more consecutive days in the past 5 years in a TB endemic region before the student is permitted to attend school.  For a list of TB endemic regions click here.  

    The TB test must be completed in the United States within the past 365 days. Even if you have not left the country for more than 30 or more days since your last negative results, but the results are more than 365 days old, you will still need to have a new test completed.  

    A new test also must be completed if the test is older than 365 days for students who were born in a TB endemic area.

    If you would like Dublin City Schools to make a referral for you to the Columbus Board of Health, please let the Enrollment Specialist know at the time of your enrollment.