• School Hours

    AM Kindergarten - 9:10 AM - 11:50 AM
    PM Kindergarten - 1:00 PM - 3:40 PM
    Grades 1-5 - 9:10 AM - 3:40 PM

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    Our website is a great source for information regarding our school. You can access important dates, Teacher Web Pages, Back to School for your student's medical information in SchoolCare, Progress Book, PaySchools for lunch and much more.


    BUS INFORMATION - (614) 764-5926


    If your student is going to be late or absent from school, a parent must call the school office (614-718-8875) before 9:15 AM. Please note that per House Bill 410, you will receive an automated phone call from the school district if your student is late or absent (even if you have previously notified us). Please include the reason your child will be late or absent. You may also send an email to gtes_attendance@dublinschools.net Additionally, students must bring a written notification or email for the absence on the day of his/her return. 

    Celebrating in Healthy Ways!


    We recognize that our school community enjoys celebrating special events such as birthdays,
    arrivals, and departures! We also recognize at Thomas Elementary that we have a
    tremendous opportunity to promote healthy behaviors and to show students how to enjoy
    special moments without making food the focus of our celebrations. In an effort to nurture
    healthy choices students will continue implementing our healthy practices for individual students.
    celebrations (birthdays, moving to a new school, etc.), and we will no longer allow students to
    distribute edible treats for these occasions.

    We appreciate your partnership as we continue to implement our school’s healthy practices.
    Please note that any food items sent to school will NOT be opened or distributed and
    will be returned home with the child.

    For school-wide events such as the Harvest Party, Winter Parties, Healthy Heart Day, or End
    of Year Celebrations, we will continue to share nutritious snacks and will allow classrooms to
    share a sugary treat. These celebrations are far less frequent than birthday celebrations in
    classrooms and we will continue to encourage edible nutritious snacks at these events.
    We sincerely appreciate your partnership and understanding as we all work together to
    promote lifelong healthy lifestyles for our students! Should you have further questions,
    please feel free to contact us.

    Jenny Davis, Principal
    Kellie Axelband, Assistant Principal

    Safety & Security Procedures


    MORNING SIDE DROP-OFF: Students can be dropped off between 9:00 and 9:10 am in the morning using the drop-off
    lane. Students will enter the building through the far (southeast) side door. Staff will be on duty to assist your child. Do
    not park or leave your vehicle unattended in the lane of traffic and maintain one lane during drop off/pick up unless
    someone is directing traffic. Please make sure your child is ready to leave your vehicle as soon as there is a safe
    opportunity, exiting through the vehicle door closest to the school. Students are expected to be in class by 9:10 am
    for attendance purposes. Students arriving after 9:10 am must get signed in through the office by a parent or guardian.
    Important note: Side doors will be locked prior to 9:00 am. If you do not see adults on duty, do not drop off your
    children. (Prior to 9:00 am, please wait with them and after 9:10 am, walk with them through the front doors to the

    AFTERNOON SIDE PICK-UP: Staff members are on duty for afternoon side pick-up. Side door pick-up students are
    dismissed at the 3:35 bell in order to keep traffic moving. Parents who have a clearly outlined weekly side pick-up
    schedule may request a “Side Parking Lot Pick-Up Pass” to be displayed on your vehicle’s windshield and matched to a
    pass that your child will have. Please complete and return the form below if you would like a pass.

    The dismissal schedule is as follows:
    3:35 pm – Latch Key, walkers, side-door parent pick up
    3:36 pm – 3:40 pm – Bus riders dismissed

    Please remember that anyone picking up a student, either during the school day or after school, must be listed
    as an Emergency Contact in the Emergency Medical Authorization Form.
    Please note: “Right Turn Only” out of the parking lot onto Tuttle Rd. during pick-up/ drop off times.

    We are happy to have your family at Thomas!

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    Jenny Davis

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    Kellie Axelband

    Administrative Secretary
    Sue Everetts

    Special Education/Attendance Secretary

    Adam Koebel

    Clinic Aide
    Mollie Zook

    Kim Brengartner

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