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    On Our Sleeves produced a number of new pieces on anxiety this month, including explaining the difference between anxious feelings and anxiety disorders:

    Back-to-school anxiety is often a part of the transition to a new school year for children. Our experts provide you tips to help your child feel less nervous about school.


    In a world with so much difficulty and sadness, are there ways to build happiness for our kids? There are! And not only does happiness feel good, but studies show that it’s good for us, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure, and even strengthening our immune system! Look at our 7 ideas to jumpstart happiness in your home, including a fun new download to remind you to put more happiness into your daily routines.




    Ahhhh, those blissful moments after you’ve put the kids to bed, when you’re just starting to relax. And then you hear… “I can’t sleep” or “I need a drink of water/juice/milk.” How do you help kids get the sleep that they need for their mental health, without costing yours? We have help for common sleep problems and a few downloads that may help young children stay in bed.

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    Helping Children Fall Asleep

    Sleep is important for a child’s mental health. And when sleep schedules are disrupted, it can lead to more than just a case of the yawns. It can cause problems such as paying attention, irritability and difficulty handling stress.  You can help kids in your life adjust more quickly to schedule changes by doing it gradually over several days. So now is the time to start!

    Eating Disorders

    You may not realize that children of all genders and body types can develop eating disorders. You may not know that they can be challenging to diagnose in children. Our experts have crafted new resources to help you learn about the most common eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. They’ve included the warning signs you can look for, such as:

    • Exercising excessively

    • Focusing on body weight or shape

    • Expressing shame or guilt about foods they eat

    If you see some warning signs, there are things you can do. Our new download helps you talk about this challenging topic.



    While You Wait

    You decided to seek mental health therapy for your child, but now you may be waiting for weeks or even months before the first appointment. This time can be truly stressful and, as a caregiver, you may feel powerless. However, there are some things you can start doing now to help your child and your family. 

    Mental Wellness Guide