• 2022 - 2023 Newsletter for Incoming Sixth Graders

    Welcome to KMS! Your 6th grade teachers hope the following information  will be helpful in making your first day at Karrer a great day!



    • Label all your supplies with your name and team number.
    • Put in your pencil pouch (Don’t forget to put your name on your pencil pouch!):
      • a supply of pencils and pens
      • eraser,
      • highlighter
      • colored pencils
      • glue stick
      • and calculator (is your name on your calculator!?!?!?) 
    • Assemble the following for each class:
      • Social Studies – Plastic two-prong pocket folder with some notebook paper put in the prong section
      • Science – Plastic two-prong pocket folder with some notebook paper put in the prong section
      • Cog Ed and/or Modern Literacy - Plastic two-prong pocket folder with some notebook paper put in the prong section

    A note about related arts courses: Please bring to school only the materials needed for the 1st trimester rotation as noted on your schedule.




    Walk through your schedule at least twice –  Find all the appropriate classrooms.




    Here are additional notes for the first day of school.

    • If you have your own musical instrument - LEAVE IT AT HOME. Your music teacher will let you know when you should bring it to school.
    • Don’t forget to bring your lunch, or lunch money.
    • Report to your 1st period class to start your day.




    Please visit this link for more information: https://www.dublinschools.net/site/Default.aspx?PageID=1792

    PLANNER INFO: Students are required to purchase a planner, sold by the PTO, during the 6th grade orientation or walk-through day. Cost $8.00



    KMS   2022 - 2023 6th Grade Supply List

    General Supplies and Core Course Classes

    • Box of tissues (to be collected in 1st period during the first week of school)
    • Pencils and pens (may need to be replenished throughout the school year)
    • 1 good quality pencil pouch
    • 1 large eraser
    • 1 highlighter
    • 1 package of 100 count notebook paper
    • 1 package colored pencils
    • 1 set of headphones/earbuds to be left in Chromebook bag at all times
    • TI-30XIIS calculator
    • 1 large (1.27 oz) permanent glue stick
    • 2 heavy-duty plastic, two-pocket folders (1 each for homework and Math)
    • 1 70 page spiral notebook (Math)
    • 2 heavy-duty plastic, two pocket folders with prongs (1 each for Social Studies and Science)
    • 1 Five Star Spiral Notebook, 3 subject, wide ruled paper, 150 sheets (Language Arts)
    • 2 packs of 3x3 post-it notes (to be collected in Language Arts)


    Trimester Related Arts Class Supplies

    Each student takes Physical Education, Art, and either Modern Literacy or Cog Ed)


    • Pack of #2 pencils
    • Rubber eraser
    • extra fine point Sharpie
    • 8.5” x 11” OR 9” x 11” sketchbook (sketchbook can be used through grades 6, 7, and 8)

    Modern Literacy or Cog Ed:

    • Heavy-duty plastic, two pocket folder with prongs

    Physical Education:

    • Suggested: water bottle