• Dublin City Schools identifies giftedness in superior cognitive ability, math, reading and creative thinking.  The district must follow policy and procedures established in Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15. These rules specify that assessment instruments must come from the list approved by the Ohio Department of Education. Parents, guardians, teachers, or peers may refer students for a gifted identification evaluation.

    • Superior Cognitive Ability Identification: Whole grade assessments are administered in 2nd and 4th grade.

    • Reading & Math Gifted Identification: MAP math and reading assessments are administered in grades 2-8 three times a year, beginning when students take the MAP 2-5 assessment. Students with a score at or above the 95th percentile on this approved assessment receive a gifted identification in that specific content area.  Students scoring at or above the 95th percentile in Mathematics or English Based Reading Writing (EBRW) on the PSAT meet the criteria for gifted identification in that applicable academic area. Students with a gifted identification in either of these areas will be supported within their regular classroom through high quality, differentiated instruction.

    • Creative Thinking Gifted Identification: Assessments are administered to students who have met a minimum screening score on the cognitive abilities assessment in second and fourth grades. 

Referral Testing

  • The first step of the gifted identification process is to complete the Gifted Identification Testing Referral Form.  Testing will take place within 90 days of a referral and results will be sent via email within 30 days of an assessment. Any student currently enrolled within Dublin City Schools may be referred by a parent or guardian, teacher, student, or administrator for this referral testing for gifted identification.  After each 90 day referral sign up window, a testing window will follow. During each testing window, an assessment from the Ohio Department of Education's Approved Assessments List will be administered by a gifted intervention specialist at your child's building.

    Gifted identification in the areas of math and reading will be administered through the MAP 2-5 and MAP 6+ assessments multiple times throughout the school year. There is no need for students to be referred for testing in these areas.

    Dublin City Schools provides gifted services to cognitively gifted students in grades 4-8. You may complete this form to request referral testing for gifted identification in that area.  In Ohio, once a student is identified as gifted, they do not have to retest to qualify for our district's gifted service in grades 4-8. If a student obtains a score within the cognitive gifted identification range, that student qualifies for Cog Pullout (grades 4-5) and Cog Ed (grades 6-8).

    Do not fill out if your child already qualifies for Cog Pullout or Cog Ed.

Testing Timeline

After Identification - WEP

  • Written Education Plan (WEP): Students who are in classes facilitated by a Gifted Intervention Specialist will receive a WEP. Dublin City Schools follows guidance through the Ohio Department of Education’s Gifted Operating Standards by providing a Written Education Plan (WEP) for gifted services for your cognitively gifted child. The WEP aligns with the goals of Dublin City Schools gifted service by supporting the growth of cognitively gifted students in the areas of critical thinking and student wellbeing. WEPs can be viewed through ProgressBook.