What is Acceleration?

  • Acceleration is the process by which a student moves ahead of their same-aged peers in subject or grade level. This allows students to move at a faster pace academically.

    Subject Acceleration is an option that allows qualified students the opportunity to move ahead one or more grade levels in a particular subject area.

    Whole Grade Acceleration is the option of allowing a qualified student to move ahead one entire grade level. The student must be exceptional in all subject areas and show appropriate social maturity to move ahead one grade level. Dublin City Schools follows guidelines through the Ohio Department of Education with the use of the Iowa Acceleration Scale for evaluation of a student who is referred for acceleration.

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

  • What is Early Entrance to Kindergarten?

  • Is Early Entrance to Kindergarten the best choice for my child?

  • What should I look for in the areas of ability, achievement, aptitude, behavior?

  • How many children qualify for Early Entrance to Kindergarten?

  • What is the timeline for application and screening?

  • What is the first step in the Early Entrance to Kindergarten process?

  • How will my child be evaluated for Early Entrance to Kindergarten?