• What are the attendance procedures at Emerald Campus?

    Attendance for Emerald Campus runs through the home school attendance office.

    • When a student is going to be absent, parents should still alert the home school attendance office.
    • If a student needs to leave Emerald Campus while scheduled to be there, they should take the following steps:
      1. Alert their teacher as soon as they know of the absence. 
      2. Show the teacher the note from their parent/guardian on the day of the absence as a pass to leave class.
      3. Give the note to the front desk secretary at Emerald Campus to leave for the day of absence.  The secretary will send the note to the home school. The home high school attendance office maintains all official student records.
    • If a student arrives late to Emerald Campus, they have to sign in at the Emerald Campus school front desk. A class admittance pass will be issued, and the teacher will allow students to enter class. This process ensures that attendance records are accurate at the student’s home high school.
    • When students are absent or arrive late, students should also submit a signed note from a parent or guardian with the reason to the home school attendance office. If this is turned into Emerald Campus, the note will be sent to the home school to be put in the student’s file.


    Attendance Hotlines/Emails:

    Jerome- 614-718-8256 or communicate to djhs_attendance_vm@dublinschools.net

    Coffman- 614-764-5961 or communicate to heasley_melinda@dublinschools.net

    Scioto- 614-717-2469 or communicate to leonard_mary@dublinschools.net

    Emerald- 614-761-5857 or communicate to ec_attendance@dublinschools.net