Industry Partner Invitation

  • One of our most significant responsibilities at Dublin City Schools is to educate, shape, and prepare the future workforce. Our students can be leading collaborators, problem solvers, and changemakers — provided we allow them to see beyond the classroom. 

    For that, we need community and industry partners like you. 

    By engaging with Dublin City Schools students and collaborating with its educators, you'll become a critical part of student support networks and professional development initiatives and a source of expertise and inspiration where it matters most: right here in your community.

    Our partnership with college and career readiness platform SchooLinks makes it easy for our industry partners to invest in positive student outcomes by providing resources and opportunities such as:

    • Internships, job fairs, & part-time work opportunities
    • Mock interviews & resume review
    • Asynchronously mentor students via short videos
    • Hands-on field experience
    • Scholarships
    • And more

    You can participate in any capacity you choose without upending your schedule with SchooLinks's tools. And we hope you will — your perspective could be the one that opens up new pathways in our students' college and career journeys.

    Need more information? Visit for in-depth information about using SchooLinks to add and receive value in our community. Reach out to partnership coordinator Lori Mesi at 614-718-8101 or  with any questions or to schedule a virtual meeting to learn more.

    Ready to get started right now? Join here:

    Talent Pipeline Flier