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  • Welcome to DCS Virtual, an online educational pathway serving Dublin City Schools students.  

    DCS Virtual offers online high school courses that are asynchronous and self-guided.  Students can take a combination of virtual courses and in-person courses to fill the 7-period school day.  The courses count towards a student’s GPA and are monitored by Dublin teachers.  DCS Virtual courses do not require real-time interaction; instead, content is available online for students to access when it best suits their schedule. 

    Students enrolled in a DCS Virtual course will have a designated space in their building to work. With parent permission, students can opt to leave the building during their designated virtual class period. CLICK HERE  to access the Student Waiver to Leave Campus. Please have this form completed and turned in to the school before the start of each semester. 

    All courses are facilitated by Dublin teachers and are aligned to Dublin Board-approved and state standards.  Please use the Staff Directory for a list of current teachers and the classes they teach.  The directory is only for the Fall and Spring semesters and not for Summer School.

    Speak with your Guidance Counselor to schedule DCS Virtual courses.  

    CLICK HERE to view DCS Virtual Student Expectations. 

    For general information about DCSV HS, email dcsvirtual@dublinschools.net  

    New courses will be added to our summer school list in early March.

  • Attendance Requirements 

    Per Policy 5200 - Attendance in self-directed remote learning (asynchronous) shall be tracked by evidence of participation, which may include, but is not limited to:

    1. daily logins to learning management systems;

    2. daily interactions with the teacher to acknowledge attendance, which may include, but are not limited to, messages, emails, telephone calls, video chats, or other formats that enable teachers to engage with students; and

    3. assignment completion.


    DCS Virtual attendance will be entered after the completion of a full week to allow flexibility of when and where students complete their work. 

    Each week starts on Monday at 12:00 a.m. and ends on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

    Attendance for a 5-Day Week for 1 DCS Virtual Course is tracked:

    1 day = 1 daily interaction or 1 activity completed and submitted for the week

    2 days = 2 daily interactions or 1 activity completed and submitted for the week

    3 days = 3 daily interactions or 1 activity completed and submitted for the week

    4 days = 4 daily interactions or 1 activity completed and submitted for the week

    5 days = 5 daily interactions or 1 activity completed and submitted for the week

    If a student misses two of five days they will be marked absent for their DCS Virtual class on Thursday and Friday. 

    In the event a student has completed all course requirements and has a passing grade in the course, the student will be marked present in their asynchronous courses for the remainder of the semester. 

    When students take more than one DCS Virtual course, they can flex their daily time in each course as long as they meet the end-of-week criteria for attendance in each course. 

    Parents will report excused absences for flexible learning options as they would with regular in-person classes.

    Contact the building secretary if you need to update excused absences.

    Contact the teacher of record if you have questions or concerns about unexcused absences.

Course Offerings

  • 2023-24 School Year

  • Summer 2023