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About Pathways

  • Dublin City Schools is committed to providing pathway education for every student, in alignment with district's strategic plan objective to develop personalized 6-12 pathways that pave the way for post-secondary success with the Ohio Department of Education's One Goal: Within one year of graduation, Ohio seeks to ensure all students are either: enrolled in a post high-school learning experience, serving in a branch of the military, earning a living wage, or engaged in a meaningful self-sustaining vocation.By offering a diverse range of educational pathways, the school district empowers students and families to explore their interests, talents, and aspirations, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future and prepared for success. The information provided on this site is intended to help students and families make well-informed decisions about school opportunities and post-secondary pathway planning.

What is a Pathway?

  • pathway is a series of structured and connected learning experiences developing a student's academic, technical, and employability skills towards post-secondary planning. Dublin City School students have the opportunity to create custom pathways made up from courses at their assigned schools, Emerald Campus experiential learning academies, Tolles Career & Technical Center programs, College Credit Plus (aka dual enrollment) courses, and more! Students will use these pathway experiences to make informed post-secondary planning decisions that incorporate any combination of the 4 E's below. By exploring these pathways comprehensively and considering how each aligns with their interests, strengths, and long-term career goals, students can make informed decisions and find the most suitable route to achieve their aspirations.

What are the 4 E's?

  • The four E's are:

    • Education: Certifications, Two Year, Four Year and Advanced Degrees 
    • Employment: On-the-job Training, College Reimbursement, High Demand Careers 
    • Enlistment: Active Duty, Military Academies, National Guard, ROTC 
    • Entrepreneurship: Start a Business, Side Hustles, Gig Economy

    During high school, students can participate in a variety of options to help determine aptitude and interests in the pathways. Additionally, students may have opportunities to participate in mentorships, internships and earn industry credentials and/or college credit. 

    Students should use the pathway information guides below to connect their post-secondary education and career plans to related electives, programs and clubs. Below are six career pathway communities, each with multiple options and opportunities. To help identify career pathway community focus areas, students can also use tools like SchooLinks and YouScience.