• When does Hybrid learning begin?

    Sept. 21

    Schedule questions

    What is the Hybrid Learning Model schedule for kindergarten students?

    Please see this slide for the kindergarten schedule. You can see the school year calendar for kindergarten at this link.

    What is the Hybrid Learning Model schedule for elementary students?

    Please see this slide for elementary schedule information.

    What is the Hybrid Learning Model schedule for middle school students?

    Please see this slide for middle school schedule information.

    The middle schools will follow a Day 1/Day 2 schedule, with students attending periods 1-4 on Day 1 and periods 5-8 on Day 2, regardless of if the student is in AM or PM.

    What is the Hybrid Learning Model schedule for high school students?

    Please see this slide for high school schedule information.

    The high schools will follow an A/B/C day schedule, where hybrid students will attend either Monday/Thursday (A Days) or Tuesday/Friday (B Days) and all high school students will attend remotely on Wednesday (C Day).



    Will masks be required? 

    When students are in school, whether full time, or hybrid (half-time), students and staff will need to follow our face-covering protocols. 

    • Students PK-12: Masks are required on the bus, in the hall, and in classrooms. When students are appropriately socially distanced in a classroom, the teacher may allow mask breaks. Students should plan to have two masks as part of their back-to-school supplies. Medical exemptions must be submitted to the school nurse prior to the first day of school. 
    • Staff: Face coverings are required in the hall and in classrooms with students. Staff members may wear face shields as an alternative when face coverings would hinder the learning process.
    • Parents/Guardians: Families shall provide face coverings as the schools will have a limited supply. Students who will not wear a face covering will need to utilize the DCS Remote Learning Academy.
    • The District will have limited supply of disposable face coverings available on an as needed basis.

    Will social distancing be required? 

    In the hybrid model, where 50% of our student body is in our schools at a given time, we will practice six feet of social distancing. On buses, we will place one student per seat (siblings may sit together).

    Are temperature checks required?

    Students and staff will be required to check their temperatures at home each morning and report any COVID-19 symptoms to their school. 

    Will staff be taking students’ temperatures at school?

    Students and staff will be required to check their temperatures at home each morning and report any COVID-19 symptoms to their school. No touch thermometers will be available throughout the building. Teachers will work collaboratively with clinic staff to take temperatures of students when necessary.

    What will be different on school buses? 

    • All students will be required to wear a face covering that covers their mouth and nose at all times while waiting for the bus, boarding the bus, and riding the bus. face coverings should stay on while the student enters the school building as well.
    • Students should physically distance from one another at the bus stop, and board one family group at a time to allow for appropriate distance between students
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be mounted near the handrails on the bus. Students should use it when they are boarding the bus, and on their way off of the bus.
    • Students will sit with their siblings if they have them, or one student to a seat. All students will have an assigned seat which will be determined by where they are in the route; first stop students go to the back of the bus, and the rest of the students will be boarded back to front to avoid students passing by one another once seated. 
    • Upon arrival at school, students will exit the bus front to back, one seat at a time, to keep physical distance between students.
    • For the ride home, students will line up so last-off students board first, again to keep students from having to walk past one another during the route.
    • Windows and roof vents on the bus will be open whenever possible to let in outside fresh air.
    • Drivers and Special Education Bus Aides will wear face coverings at all times when students are on board, and bus aides may also wear face shields.
    • Students will not be able to ride home with friends and Alternative Transportation Requests (ATR) will be processed only after the first three weeks of school (September 28) after route capacity and ridership is established.

    I drop my child off at school. Will anything change? 

    We anticipate an increase in parents dropping students off at school. Some schools may need to assign staggered drop off times and/or change drop off locations to accommodate this increase. Your school will provide more details. 



    What is happening with athletics?

    Middle and high school sports will proceed in accordance with Ohio High School Athletic Association and Franklin County Public Health guidance. 

    Will field trips be permitted during the 2020-21 school year?

    We know students looked forward to field trips as part of their educational experience. However, field trips will not be permitted for the 2020-21 school year. We will re-evaluate this component of our plan should our alert level improve and health risks decrease.



    We will offer grab and go breakfast and lunch to all students during Hybrid orientation and Hybrid Learning Modes. Logistics will be guided by the social distancing safety guidelines and may be slightly different from building to building. For high school and Emerald Campus students, Meal times will remain the same as previous years, per building. Every Wednesday high school cafeterias will be closed, however,  breakfast and lunch will be available at the pick locations listed below.

    For Remote Learning Academy Students

    Meals (breakfast / lunch) are available for pick up at 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday at any of the locations below for all students:

    • Hopewell Elementary
    • Deer Run Elementary
    • Riverside Elementary
    • Indian Run Elementary
    • Glacier Ridge Elementary
    • Bailey Elementary



    What changes will be implemented in school health clinics? 

    There will be separate areas created in our health clinics—one for regular care and an isolated area for anyone who presents signs or symptoms of illness. Parents will no longer be allowed to bring medications into clinics. If you need to provide medication for your child, a nurse will meet you in a designated area to handle this. You can also expect to see changes in how we administer stocked medicines, the suspension of nebulizer treatments, and new criteria for staying home from school/returning to school, based on CDC guidelines. Please reach out to your school nurse if you have specific concerns regarding your child’s medical care. 

    How large will the isolation room be, who will be with the child? 

    Building principals are working with their nurses to determine the best space for the isolation room and who will monitor that room.

    What are the symptoms of COVID-19 that I should be looking for as a parent?

    Please visit this link from the CDC for a list of symptoms.

    Will students be screened for COVID-19 symptoms? 

    Parents need to be attentive to the daily health of their children to ensure their child is symptom free and safe to attend school each day. This includes being fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. School staff will also be receiving professional development on how to recognize potential COVID-19 symptoms. The District is not able to administer COVID-19 tests.

    Who is forced to stay home? Who makes that decision? The District or the Health Department?

    Students who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are required to stay home until symptom free for 24 hours. If a student presents to school with these symptoms, the District adheres to CDC guidelines and, when necessary, will receive guidance from FCPH.

    How will we notify parents regarding positive tests?

    Please read slides 23-27 of our Responsible Restart Plan.

    What will happen if someone tests positive for COVID-19? 

    Please read slides 23-27 of our Responsible Restart Plan.



    What cleaning enhancements will be implemented? 

    • Students and teachers will work together to maintain clean and sanitary classrooms
    • More frequent daily cleaning of:
      • Desks, tables and other hard surfaces
      • Door knobs, door handles, railings, faucets and other frequently touched services
    • Cleaning products provided for each classroom for teacher/staff use
    • More frequent sanitizing and daily cleaning
    • Disinfecting all restrooms each evening
    • Daily cleaning/disinfecting throughout each building when buildings are empty of staff and students



    What changes will be implemented on playgrounds and in PE classes? 

    Schools will make every effort to maintain consistency while following safety procedures. This may mean that schools will limit student access to certain pieces of playground equipment and restrict activities that are “high touch” and difficult to clean or maintain social distancing. 

    We will work toward “structured” recess activities such as nature walks that limit students’ physical contact with others. Students must sanitize their hands after recess. 

    PE classes are still being evaluated and more information will be coming at a later date. 




    Will high school students and middle school students move with a cohort of students or will they have different students in each of their classes?

    Due to the complexities of secondary schedules, this is not possible.

    Will students still be able to use shared supplies in the classroom?

    There will be limited sharing of school supplies. Procedures for library books are in the planning stages.

    What conditions will allow a family to switch from their assigned time (A Day/B Day, AM/PM)?

    The only exception to assigned times is for siblings who have different last names to be able to get them on the same schedule.

    Will Dublin Latchkey be offered?

    Dublin Latchkey is provided by a private provider. You can visit We have worked closely with their leadership and have been assured the program will be available when we are in face-to-face instruction modes. 

    Will there be visual directions throughout the schools?

    Please read slides 29-30 in our Responsible Restart Plan.

    Will students still be permitted to use lockers?

    Students will not be permitted to use lockers in order to prevent a congregation of students in our hallways.

    If we are in 100% Return or Hybrid models and a student has to self-quarantine, will they do their online learning with the normal teacher or with a different set of teachers?  

    They will continue to work with their teacher just as we do when students are out for any illness.

    Under the Hybrid Model, why is Kindergarten only being offered every other day - why not every day? I understand the half day, but these are the students that need routine and consistency the most.

    To be able to socially distance our Kindergarten, we would need to divide those classes in half too, for half days. We would need to hire a significant number of staff to do this, about 2 per building. Part of the staffing is that we also need staff for our 2,638 elementary families who have moved to all online.

    Are we hiring extra bus drivers/back ups?  

    The district hires “substitute bus drivers” who fill in for bus drivers who are unable to perform their daily routes.

    What about changing who is eligible for a bus based on distance to the school?  Are we increasing the distance that we feel a student should be walking?

    It is important to us that all students who need transportation can get to school. Equity in accessing education is on our minds.

    Are we adding to the custodial staff?

    The district utilizes the ESCCO (Educational Service Center of Central Ohio) to hire substitutes as needed to fill in for custodians who are unable to perform their daily duties and additional cleaning as needed.



    What does preschool look like in hybrid learning mode?

    Unfortunately, we will not be able to have peers in our special needs preschool program this year. By not having peers, we are able to have our preschool students with special needs in the brand new Early Childhood Center during approximately the same days and times as they would have attended in previous years.  Class sizes will be no more than 8 children. Simply put, our preschool program will not need to make any changes between 100% return and 50% hybrid. If buildings are closed, preschool students will receive remote learning.