• Scheduling

    Credit Check for 2023 & Beyond

    It is the responsibility of each student to see that requirements for graduation, college articulation, and athletic eligibility are met. Counselors will review all JUNIOR transcripts in the Fall to verify that each student is on track for graduation.

    Schedule Changes

    Please note that class sections and staffing were set in the Spring based upon student scheduling requests at that time. Making a schedule change now is very difficult because classes are staffed and at or near capacity. Class capacities are being strictly enforced due to meeting the health and safety guidelines of the DCS Responsible Restart Plan. Consequently, a schedule change request may not be able to be made.

    To make a schedule change request: Download and complete the 2022-23 Schedule Change Form and email it to your Guidance Counselor. We encourage all students to have conversations with their parents/guardians regarding any schedule change.

    Be sure to follow your current course schedule until you receive an email from your counselor regarding the status of your request.

    Physical Education Waiver

    If you have completed TWO seasons of a board approved sport, marching band, color guard or cheerleading, please complete this form for the waiver to be applied to your transcript. These do not need to be the same sport (ie. Marching Band and Track).

    Please note: The PE Waiver exempts you from taking the PE classes. You will need to earn the .5 credit by taking another class or elective to meet the 21 credits needed for graduation.

    Late Arrival/Early Release