Remote Learning FAQ

  • Will RLA be offered for second semester?

    Remote Learning Academy (RLA) students will remain in RLA through the end of the first semester. ALL students will have the option to select the RLA option for the second semester. The registration window is Oct. 30-Nov. 9 and an electronic form will be widely distributed on Oct. 30. Staffing is the driving force behind the timing of the window. In order to effectively staff the RLA, the District cannot wait until late November or December to know the number of RLA students for the second semester.

    General Remote Learning Information

    Sample Elementary morning schedule in ALL remote learning mode

    Sample Elementary afternoon schedule in ALL remote learning mode

    Sample Middle School schedule in ALL remote learning mode

    Sample High School schedule in ALL remote learning mode

    Administrators at all levels have examined the staffing needs and course requests of those attending the Dublin City Schools Remote Learning Academy (RLA)We are in the process of finalizing staffing and teachers assigned fully to the RLA in grades K-8. Both Remote Learning Academy students and Hybrid Learning Model students will receive their teacher placement at the same time.

    For our High School Students: In order to maintain as many courses and programs for students at the high school level taught by our Dublin teachers, we have redesigned the delivery of instruction in the hybrid and RLA models.  All high school students in the RLA and the return students will follow their course schedule.  IB, AP, Emerald Campus Academy, Elective and Core Courses will be offered to the RLA students as their schedule allows.  Our high school teachers will provide learning support for all students on their rosters.  Detailed scheduling information, the names of your teachers, and other details will be provided by your school in the coming days.

    When we are in a hybrid model (the Hybrid Model being defined as 50% in school learning/50% remote learning) as a District at the high school level, RLA students will continue to have coursework 5 days a week, however, it will be delivered asynchronously (online anytime) on A days and B days and scheduled synchronous (live online)  with their teachers on C day (Wednesday) each week. There may be opportunities to check in with teachers as needed on the asynchronous days, however the scheduled day for instruction will be on Wednesday.

    In the event the entire District begins the 2020-21 school year in remote learning mode, what will remote learning look like?

    In the event the district is in remote learning to begin the school year, the DCS Remote Learning Academy schedule will be followed for Elementary and High School Level Students. Please note that there is a different schedule for Middle School students in the event of all remote status (refer to our Responsible Return Plan). 

    If you have applied for the DCS Remote Learning Academy for the first semester, you will remain in the DCS Remote Learning Academy for the entire first semester.

    What is the difference between when the entire District is forced to remote due to COVID-19, and the DCS Remote Learning Academy that required an application?

    Those who have registered for the DCS Remote Learning Academy will receive instruction from identified DCS teachers assigned to the remote learning academy. Those students will remain in the academy for the first semester regardless of the status of the entire district. In the event the entire District is in remote learning mode, those who did not opt into the DCS Remote Learning Academy will be online with their classroom teacher(s).

    What will classes specifically look like in the Dublin City Schools Remote Learning Academy, and for all students if the entire District is in remote learning mode?

    Detailed information about how each class will function will be communicated by a teacher once those teachers are assigned their specific students. At the beginning of each school year, parents learn what each teacher's syllabus looks like (number of assessments, types of assignments, etc) and the same is true for remote learning. Once students are connected to a teacher, specific teachers will communicate directly with students and parents in terms of detailed information.
    The District has communicated the overall structure for remote learning, and we have trust in the professional abilities of our teachers to bring this structure to life and meet the needs of our students. 

    How many students have enrolled into the Remote Learning Academy?

    The Remote Learning Academy currently has 5,180 students enrolled (2,638 elementary, 1,263 middle school and 1,279 high school).

    What will the elementary school day look like in ALL DISTRICT remote learning?

    Elementary school will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 3:45 p.m.

    The elementary morning schedule features two time blocks of direct interaction with the teacher, as well as a dedicated independent reading time. You can see a sample morning elementary day schedule at this link.

    The elementary afternoon features scheduled math fluency practice, scheduled one to one conferences, small group work and a daily whole class meeting.  You can see a sample afternoon elementary schedule at this link.

    This structured schedule will be followed daily. Parent, student, and teacher expectations for elementary remote learning can be found here

    What will the middle school day look like in ALL DISTRICT remote learning?

    You can view a sample middle school DCS Remote Learning Academy schedule at this link.

    You can view a sample middle school schedule for students that are not in the Remote Learning Academy at this link.

    What will the high school day look like in ALL DISTRICT remote learning?

    High School will begin at 7:55 a.m. and end at 2:42 p.m.  High school will mirror the A day, B day format of the Hybrid learning model. On A days students will participate in periods one through four in the morning and the afternoon will feature, anytime learning, study time and intervention. The reverse is true on B days.

    You can view a sample high school schedule at this link.

    This structured schedule will be followed daily. Parent, student, and teacher expectations for high school remote learning can be found here

    When will we know the full list of high school online courses available to high school students? 

    High School students may be assigned APEX online courses as needed. Courses will be identified after the remote academy deadline on Aug. 5 and will be dependent on the number of student requests

    Will Dublin City Schools Remote Learning Academy students still be able to take Honors/AP/IB classes?

    At this time we can not offer IB courses however we are currently looking at schedules and staff availability for AP course work - it is our intent to continue offering these experiences for students. It may be through an online course curriculum such as APEX or students may be encouraged to shift to a CCP offering instead.

    Will elementary students that opt for remote learning be grouped with some peers from their elementary home school?

    While we cannot guarantee that children will be grouped 100% with peers from their home elementary school, we will make every effort to ensure some students in the class will be from their home elementary school. 

    How will my child’s IEP and/or 504 services and accommodations be met? 

    Children with IEP’s or 504 plans will continue to receive services and accommodations in person, remotely, or through a hybrid model depending on the child.  As we get closer to the start of the year, your child’s case manager will contact you to address specific concerns and questions. We are happy to hold an IEP or 504 meeting if necessary.

    What will be done for students with significant disabilities in these two learning models?

    Students with disabilities will receive support in accordance with their IEP’s and will be included in the educational model that is adopted by the Board of Education.  

    What social and emotional resources will be in place during the period of remote learning? 

    We recognize the importance of providing students and staff with extra social and emotional support as they return to school this year. Expect to see special welcome activities, extra time for building relationships and establishing new routines, and focus on coping strategies. 

    Our counselors, social workers and psychologists will be ready to assist students and staff in need of support. Additionally, school-based mental health professionals will be available. We’ll be sharing additional resources throughout the year. 

    What happens if our family needs technology? 

    If you have a documented need, please contact your building principal with your circumstances.

    Will remote learning students still be attached to their home school for grades?

    Yes. Students will remain a part of their home school. Grading will return the Board adopted grading policy.

    What happens with athletics if we start the year in all remote learning mode?

    We are currently evaluating current guidance from Franklin County Health and the Governor’s Office as well as communicating with OHSAA and the OCC conference.

    What does preschool look like in remote learning mode?

    Remote learning for preschool will include daily instruction from the child’s classroom teacher, remote IEP services that align with the current IEP, and opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

    What are remote learning class sizes going to be?

    Remote learning class sizes will be typical to a class size during normal times. Remote learning classes will not be at 50% like Hybrid classes.

    Are students participating in the Dublin City Schools Remote Learning Academy eligible for athletics?

    Students who have registered for the Dublin City Schools Remote Learning Academy are eligible to participate in athletics if athletics take place as scheduled.

    After the first semester of remote learning, will students be guaranteed placement at their home school if they choose to return?

    Yes. After the first semester, if a student opts to return to face-to-face learning, they can return to their home school.