• Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the Transition Information webpage! We are excited to provide you with information and resources related to post-redistricting transitions. If your family is transitioning to a new school for the 2020-2021 school year, you're in the right place. On this page, you will find information about upcoming events in each elementary school, school calendars, videos, links to resources and a FAQ section to get answers to the most popular questions. Our goal is to help make your family's transition positive, exciting, welcoming and seamless. If you have questions related to transitioning, or need more information related to transitions, please reach out to your current building principal.


    Tyler Wolfe

    Director of Elementary Education

    Dublin City Schools

    My family is changing elementary schools next year, what’s next?

    Dublin City Schools understands changing elementary schools can cause some angst for impacted families. This web page will provide you with all the information you need for a successful transition. In short, there are no required action steps for parents in order for their student(s) to begin classes at their new school next year. We would love to have you join us for some fun activities this spring to welcome you to your new school. If you are changing schools, we would also like to provide you to the opportunity to fill out the optional student profile form available at this link. The form needs to be downloaded, printed, filled out and returned to the office of your child's current school. This form is optional and provides us with important information regarding your student(s).

    We would also ask you to please visit your school’s website. Links are listed in the right hand column of this page. Finally, below are some questions that may have occurred to you or your neighbors. Feel free to share the link to this page and any updates you need to know will be posted here. Thank you.

    Q. Do I need to re-enroll?

    You do not need to re-enroll. Simply complete your back to school documents this summer as you have previously done.

    Q. How will I find out about my bus schedule?

    Bus routes are available a few days before school starts and for security purposes, they are not posted in groups online, but we will provide a link with login information when routes are ready to be posted in August.

    Q. How do I get school supplies?

    School supply information is posted on elementary sites toward the end of the current school year.

    Q. Are there going to be intradistrict transfers?

    There are not expected to be many, if any, intradistrict transfer requests approved. It is our intention for all students to attend their assigned schools next year in order to maintain the integrity of the K-8 redistricting process.

    Q. How do I get into Latchkey?

    Latchkey is a private company that provides before and after care in our elementary schools. You can visit their website at this link. We have been in contact with Latchkey throughout the K-8 redistricting process and they are aware of the changes coming for next school year.

    Q. How do I find out about what daycares transport to my new school?

    Your school maintains a list of daycares that transport to your school. A list for Hopewell and Depp Elementaries is in development.

    Q. How do schools communicate information about my child?

    Your child’s cumulative folder will be transferred to your new school. If you are changing schools, we would also encourage you to fill out the optional student profile form available at this link and return it to your current school office. If you have specific concerns about your student(s) transition to a new school, please contact your current principal and we will schedule a meeting with our transition team. If you are not changing schools, your school will make available the opportunity to provide input.

    Q. How can I begin receiving emails from my new school? What about next year?

    There is nothing you need to do to begin receiving emails from your new school this spring. We will begin sending those to you shortly. In addition, your email contact information will be transferred to your new school prior to the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.