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  • The mission of the Dublin City Schools' health services team is to actively collaborate with families, students, staff, and community resources in order to promote the health and well being of every child. We will intervene with actual and potential health problems through direct and indirect care, so that we may help reduce the spread of communicable disease, increase attendance, and place the focus on life-long learning and health. 

    Dublin City Schools employs six Certified School Nurses who rotate between assigned schools. For daily care, basic first-aid, and medication administration, there is a full-time, trained Clinic Aide in each school clinic.

    School Nurse Role:

    The school nurse's primary role is to promote good health for the district's students. As a member of the educational team, the school nurse enhances students' potential for attendance, class participation, and learning by identifying and addressing medical conditions that may impact the student's ability to achieve the district's performance standards. School Health Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing. Please contact Becky Ansari, RN with any student medical questions or concerns.

    Clinic Aide Role:

    The clinic aide's primary role is also to promote good health for the students. The clinic aide, among other things, helps maintain the health services under the direction of the school nurse. The clinic aide also assists with screenings, maintains health records, and performs clerical work. The clinic aide provides care for ill or injured students or employees. 


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