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Parent Mentor

  • The Role of a Parent Mentor (video from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities)

    The Parent Mentor is a vital part of the special education program in Dublin City Schools. The Parent Mentor provides learning opportunities for parents, promotes collaboration in the special education process, and assists the district in improving programs for students with disabilities.

    Meet Dublin's Parent Mentor, Dee Marks:


    "As a Parent Mentor, I work to engage parents in the special education process by helping them to understand their role as a member of the IEP team and building their capacity for mastering the language and processes used in special education for more effective communication and collaboration. Parent Mentors are able to help families connect to community resources as well. Since we are parents of a child with a disability, we are often able to 'see' through the same lens as the parent, providing a level of connection that a foundation of trust can be built upon, which supports the parents as they weather the more challenging times and also cheer them on as they embrace all the successes their child experiences at home, in school and within their community."

    You can reach Dee at marks_dee@dublinschools.net or (614) 760-4341.