Assistive Technology

  • Welcome to Dublin City Schools Assistive Technology (AT). In Dublin we are committed to the growth and development of every student and to allow each and every student to access the curriculum. The focus of the Dublin City Schools Assistive Technology Team is on three main components: student assessment, professional development, and resources.


    The educators of the Dublin City School District believe that all students can and will achieve at high levels. Students experiencing difficulties require different educational solutions. Assistive Technology can address student tools from a pencil grip to a Braille typewriter. The Assistive Technology referral process can take place at any point in the process of student assessment from the initial steps of gathering information about a student up to and including a formal Multi-Factored Evaluation and Individual Education Plan.


    As technology becomes an embedded part of our lives, it becomes the responsibility of all professionals to seek better understanding and awareness of the impact of technology in each student’s educational success. The Dublin City Schools Assistive Technology Plan addresses the support, training, software, and equipment needs of teachers and students. Dublin City Schools is provides job imbedded professional development to assist and train staff, students, and parents in awareness and implementation of all the technology tools within the district.


    Dublin City Schools has a variety of resources available for students, parents, and staff to utilize for optimal participation in the educational experience. Resources can include but are not limited to: website collections, Lottie kits, software, hardware, devices, cameras, color printers, and step sheets. Student needs determine the requests for these resources.