Dublin City School's Behavior Team Mission Statement


    To increase student achievement & independence by teaching functional, personally relevant skills.


    To increase the capacity of staff to design effective individual behavioral interventions, class wide interventions and school wide interventions (PBIS) that are based on functional behavior assessments.


    To develop and maintain collaborative relationships with Dublin City Schools teams, parents and individuals and/or agencies outside of Dublin City Schools in order to foster consistency for students.


The Dublin Behavior Team--Who we are and Where you can find us!

  • Behavior Team




    Special Education Coordinator

    Shawn Heimlich, Emerald Campus

    Registered Behavior Technicians
    Connie Winzeler -SCE, Debbie Garverick- PRE, Ethan Larned- DSHS, Jenn Voigt- WRE, Karin Humble- TE, Kelly Bowman- Pre, Maddy Smith- WYE, Stacy Bernard- KMS, Colleen Morrell-PRE, John Ferguson- DJHS, Tiffany Adkins-RSE, Val Bomar-HE, Cheryl Costner- GRE , Susan Windle-HE, Julie Szabo- CE  RBT Candidates -Beth Verregge- PATHS, Nick Konnerman-DMS, Billy Thayer-SMS, Whitney Clark-DCHS, Di Taylor-OSE


    Kim Jones, MEd., BCBA, COBA

    Katie Sikora, MA, BCBA, COBA

    Ron DeMuesy, MEd., BCBA, COBA