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Global Travel Program

  • In today's increasingly interconnected world, it is important to help students develop a heightened global awareness and the knowledge, skills and values necessary to compete in our global society. College and career readiness calls for a cultivated cultural perspective. To meet the call, Dublin City Schools is offering a district-wide Global Travel Program to complement our curriculum. We believe these international opportunities offer our students the perfect combination of knowledge and first-hand experiences, with an emphasis on developing globally-minded, career-focused individuals.

    Collaborating with us in this initiative, we have chosen EF Educational Tours, the world leader in international education, as our primary travel partner. This worldwide company has long believed, as we do, that students and educators must understand the world around them, from cultures and languages to economic and social systems. We are aligned in our work around 21st century learning, and together we have created these educational experiences that teach critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and global competence. The Global Travel Program costs include lodging, meals, airfare, and chaperones. Costs may vary depending upon when students register and reserve their spot on a trip. 



    Ecosystems of Ecuador - Contact Kari Curtis 

    England and France - Contact Disa Banker

    Experience Japan - Contact Rebecca Allen

    Paris & the Loire Valley- Contact Brian Troth

    Greece and Italy - Contact Stacey Wilhelm

    Ireland in Depth - Kari Curtis

    New York and Boston Historical Tour - Contact Chrissi D'Arcangelo

    Community Development in Peru's Mountain Villages - Randall Slack

    STEM Germany and Switzerland - Contact Joey Huber

    World War II and 20th Century European History: England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Austria - Contact Emily Combs 



    Germany and Austria History, Art, and Language Tour - Contact Tony Evans

    Ireland and Scotland -  Contact Shawn Kaeser        Information Session:  Ireland and Scotland