Emerald Campus Student Ambassadors

Emerald Campus Ambassadors
  • What is your role as an Emerald Campus Ambassador?

    • Student voice - identify & communicate both strengths and challenges of the programs and experiences at Emerald Campus from a student point of view

    • Innovation - identify opportunities to improve the Emerald Campus and its current and future programs

    • Recruitment - inform other students, K-12, in our district to participate in Emerald Campus programs and opportunities

    • Communication - give tours and celebrate the learning of your peers at the Emerald Campus. Also learn to use Social Media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share and get the word out about the great things going on at the Emerald Campus #seeuslearn

    • New Student Recruitment - tours, contact info, questions, Celebration of Learning events, etc.

    What do you get out of this?

    • Add value by creating positive experiences at the Emerald Campus for you, your classmates, teachers, parents, and community members

    • Chance to think outside the box and take action on innovative ideas that will impact student learning and experiences

    • Pay it forward...hopefully you have a great experience and by recruiting new students, you open doors for them as we have for you

    • Creating a welcoming experience for new students, parents, and community partners

    • Strengthen your speaking and social media skills through real-world experiences and practice

    If you have an interest in being considered for a role as an Emerald Campus Student Ambassador, please contact our Academy Program Director, Mrs. Kristy Venne, and make an appointment to meet with her.  Thank you!