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  • Hello, Dublin! My name is Ann Fisher and I’m your Chartwells Resident Dietitian at Dublin City Schools.

    I received my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credentials from The Ohio State University’s Medical Dietetics program, where I learned to assess, diagnose, and treat nutritional problems, both at the individual and wider public health level. You may recognize me from lunchroom events and classroom educations, but I also help create breakfast and lunch menus with Chef PJ Singh. Together we make sure ALL students have access to the nutrition they need, from innovative calorie-conscious dishes, to daily allergy-friendly options, to a hearty meal students may not see at home.

    Have a general question about health, wellness, or nutrition? Use our Ask the Dietitian feature below to submit questions directly to my inbox, and you may see your anonymous submission posted here to help the Dublin community!


  • Thanksgiving Discovery Kitchen

    We miss seeing you in the cafes, so we're bringing the Discovery Kitchens to you! On Tuesday 11/24 each lunch received a free sample of homemade cranberry and quinoa granola

    Cranberry quinoa granola educational handout

    Cranberry quinoa granola recipe card

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Recently Asked Questions & Answers

  • How much water should I drink each day?

    The amount of water needed each day varies from person to person, but a general recommendation is 8-11 cups per day. You may need more depending on your level of activity (exercise), the outside temperature and your overall health. To stay well-hydrated, keep a re-usable water bottle with you that has the measurements labeled on the side so you can easily keep track of your intake throughout the day. Not a fan of plain water? Try adding fresh citrus juice, cucumber slices or berries for extra flavor!

    How do I know if I’m feeding my family correctly?

    By providing a variety of foods from each of the 5 main food groups at each meal– fruits, vegetables, protein, grains and dairy – you can help make sure your family is getting the different nutrients they need to be healthy.  When planning your family’s meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner visualize half of the meal consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables and include a source of lean protein, whole grains, and a serving of low fat dairy. 

    It is also recommended to provide 2-3 snacks each day that contain foods from two different food groups such as fresh apple slices and cheese cubes or yogurt with granola.

    What is MyPlate?

    MyPlate is an easy guide that shows you how to make a healthy plate by choosing foods from all five food groups including: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy.

    The food groups are displayed as five different sections on the MyPlate model. The sections are grouped together by the similar nutrients they contain. You’ll notice that some sections of the plate are bigger than others to show that you should eat more foods from those groups and fewer foods from the groups in the smaller sections. 

    To learn more about the MyPlate model visit: https://www.choosemyplate.gov/

    How much caffeine is okay?

    Drinking up to 400mg of caffeine each day is considered to be safe. This is equal to about three to five 8 oz. cups of brewed coffee.  Because coffee and other caffeinated beverages often contain extra calories from added sugars and/or fat, try these tips to cut some of the calories without sacrificing the flavor:

    • Use skim milk or low-fat milk instead of whole milk or cream
    • Skip the whipped cream 
    • Ask for fewer pumps of syrup in your drink and add a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder for added flavor instead
    • Order a smaller size
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