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  • YouScience, building communities by aligning talent, education, and industry.
    YouScience is a data-driven assessment tool used by students and staff at the Emerald Campus to explore careers; matching them to the interests, talents, and abilities of students.
    Students at the Emerald Campus use YouScience to learn more about themselves and to explore career and post-secondary educational options that best fit their interests, talents, and abilites.
    We would like to offer the high school students of Dublin an opportunity to take the YouScience assessment. If you are, or you have a child who is a current high school student in Dublin City Schools and would like to take the YouScience assessment to learn how your interests and aptitudes align with over 500 careers, please fill out the below form to request a YouScience account sent to you. Your DCS assigned student email (NOT a personal email) is required for us to activate an account.  
    Once you fill out the form, high school students will receive an email from YouScience in about 24 hours prompting them to create an account. Once the account is set up, the student may begin the assessment at their convenience and may work at their own pace.  Upon completion, your results will be available to view on the YouScience account page in about 48 hours after completion of the final assessment.