Welcome to PATHS

  • Our PATHS Programs achieve postsecondary success through the partnership between students, families, program staff, agencies, and our Dublin Community. We provide targeted transitional experiences and curriculum that assist students in planning for future employment, education, and independent living goals.  Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, Dublin's Postsecondary Program previously containing the LIFE, PREP, and POWER Plus classrooms became known as Dublin's PATHS Program. The PATHS (Postsecondary Access to Transition after High School) program will include all postsecondary students who are deferring their diplomas in order to continue Dublin City Schools' transition programming.  Our program opportunities are for those students with disabilities that have met all secondary academic requirements, completed four years of high school, and the IEP team has determined that there is a need for ongoing skill development in the areas of employment, education, and independent living. Program participation is customized through a process of deferring the student's diploma. Levels of support and content of instruction are varied across the continuum to meet the needs of each student.

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