CCP Student Readiness

  • Students mature at different rates and some are ready to take on added responsibilities and mature content while others are not.  Students and parents should gather as much information as possible about the CCP Program before making a decision for students to sign up and participate.  Before participation, students and parents should weigh the benefits, risks, and potential consequences.  The information below includes factors to consider:

    Potential Benefits to CCP Program and Courses
    • Expanded curriculum offerings
    • Study in more depth those areas of special interest or need
    • Earn college credits while still in high school
    • Financial support for taking college courses while still in high school
    • Experience college level work and life prior to making final decisions about whether and/or where to attend college
    Potential Risks and Consequences to the CCP Program and Courses
    • The amount of work, pace, and rigor of content in college/university courses may be much greater than high school courses
    • Increased student responsibility for learning because of less instructional guidance
    • Reduced opportunities to participate in high school co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
    • Potential loss of after-school employment opportunities
    • Possible effect on grade point average and class standing            
    • Possible delay of graduation
    • Increased time for travel and study
    • Poor performance may affect future college/university admissions and financial aid
    • CCP course content is presented on an adult level and class discussions require a mature understanding of divergent viewpoints and the ability to think critically on controversial issues
    • For courses taken on campus, students will be intermingled with students of varying ages and maturity levels
    Consequences of Failing or Not Completing a CCP Course
    • Should a student fail to complete a CCP course taken for credit (formal "class drop" process, nonattendance reasons, course failure, etc.) any and all financial obligations assumed by the Board will default to the students and their parents
      • This includes tuition, books, materials, and fees
    • CCP classes withdrawn from or failed will receive a failing grade on the high school and college/university transcripts and will be computed into the high school and college/university GPA
    • DCS may withhold grades and credits received for high school courses taken until reimbursement has been made
    • Failing a course will impact future CCP Program eligibility
    Financial obligation to students and parents for incomplete credit (i.e. missing the formal drop deadline, nonattendance reasons, or course failure)
    • $41.64/ per credit hour - if taught by a DCS teacher at Emerald Campus
    • $83.28/ per credit hour - if taught by a college/university adjunct at Emerald Campus
    • $166.25/ per credit hour - if class is taken online or on a college/university campus