Student Support Specialists

  • Dublin City Schools employs specialists that work with students presenting mental health needs that significantly impact their academic success. Student Support Specialist (Mental Health Specialists) staff members are trained mental health professionals who collaborate with schools, families and communities to reduce barriers to student learning and enhance positive mental wellness. Services focus on enhancing the student’s ability to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for becoming a healthy, productive individual. Our team provides services to students in a way that builds upon individual strengths, respects diversity and life experiences, prioritizes personal goals and fosters meaningful relationships.

    Mental Health Specialists by building:

    Coffman- Kristi Masters, Kim Opplinger

    Jerome- Kirsten Borton, Heather Feehan

    Scioto- Karen Keane, Danielle Henn

    Substance Use Disorder Counselors- Dana Jackson, Joey Thompson

    Davis- Malerie Torres

    Eversole Run- Erin Jones

    Grizzell- Sam Kendle

    Karrer- Jule Hemmerich

    Sells- Alissa Shrader, Kelly Mayer


    Elementary Schools each have either a Syntero Clinician or a District Mental Health Specialist.  Please contact your child's principal for more information.