Caring and Expert Staff

  • Dublin City School’s excellent academic reputation has made it a destination district for teachers and support staff. With thousands of applications on file at any given moment, our Human Resources department has the ability to hire the best of the best for your children. Our teaching staff is incredibly accomplished with many published authors, national presenters on a wide variety of topics, and peer reviewed work that stacks up with any in the United States.

    • 79% of staff has earned a Master’s Degree or higher

    • Average years of teacher experience: 14.8

    Dublin Leadership Academy
    This staff-led, professional development program for teachers is unique to Dublin City Schools. Approximately 600 teachers attended more than 60 sessions on a wide variety of topics including the gifted model, creativity in the classroom, global learning, social and emotional issues and improving student research skills.

    Dublin Literacy Conference
    Like the Dublin Leadership Academy each summer, Dublin City Schools’ expert teaching staff plays key roles in planning the Dublin Literacy Conference.

    Five Star Preschool Program
    The Dublin City Schools’ Preschool program has received a five star rating from the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services. The highest possible five star rating for all five of our preschool locations comes after an extensive reviews and observations of our program. The criteria used to award the District five stars were:?
    • Program leadership
    • Student learning and development
    • Staff qualifications and professional development
    • Family and community partnerships
    Congratulations to our entire preschool staff for earning this five star designation indicating the District’s Preschool program exceeds the expectations of the state agencies mentioned above.

    Literacy and Numeracy Coaches
    These coaches facilitate world-class instruction in literacy and numeracy, and this year some secondary coaches have been added.

    Caring Teachers
    Our staff believes in more than just educating our students. They are committed to helping them become happy and productive members of our community.

    “Educating the mind without educating the heart
    is no education at all.” - Aristotle