What People Are Saying

  • "I enjoyed getting to meet teachers I don't always interact with and gaining a deeper understanding of several topics. I liked that the sessions dealt with topics that are very relevant to our children and was amazed at the wide variety of sessions and topics offered. There seemed to be something for everyone."

    "It was a great learning opportunity. I found out lots of valuable information and tips about a number of different topics."

    "I enjoyed understanding the actual classroom teaching methods being applied to encourage a greater depth of thinking and individualizing learning for each student's abilities and needs."

    "I learned so much practical knowledge. Times are so different from when I was in highschool. I loved learning about the technology and the opportunities offered"

    "I came to know about the opportunities providing by dublin schools to students during their high school and the pathway for future interests."

    "I loved the session on College Credit Plus. I was completely unfamiliar with the process and was quite informed after the program."

    "The entire program was outstanding. The presenters were excellent and incredibly informative. Very impressed w DCS."

    "I love being in the school where one of my daughters attends so I can see the classrooms and remember what it's like for them each day."

    "I enjoyed the Innovation panel and slow looking sessions. They helped me understand a bit more of what's going on in the classrooms/schools."

    "Enjoyed seeing the district from a "global" perspective instead of individual buildings. You see how all of the various services and programs function around the district."