• New Standards Based Grading System

    Dublin City Schools is focused on preparing our students for success at the elementary level. This includes using a standard-based report card to provide students and parents with specific and actionable feedback.

    This school year you will see some changes in Infinite Campus to our semester and final report cards. You might remember that previously, Dublin City Schools had assigned a final letter grade in grades four and five for each subject while using a rubric and standards-based approach in grades K through three.

    This year, we are aligning our report cards for kindergarten through fifth grade so that parents see consistent reporting across their student's elementary experience. You'll note that the previous marks that were visible on your student's report card of AC, PR, and LP will no longer be used in a new standards-based report card.

    Your child's teacher will assign a performance level once students have had the opportunity to show mastery of the standards. Parents may see blanks on the report card at mid-year. If a standard hasn't yet been taught and assessed, some standards will continue to build throughout the year and may be reported in multiple grading periods. In that case, you may see your student move from N to P to M. 

    Our new standards-based marks will be assigned next to key learning standards in each subject area. The standards in DCS and across the state standards are statements about what students know and should be able to do within each content area at each grade level. Decisions about how to teach students in what order, to teach content, and what materials teachers use, are made at the district and building level in alignment with Ohio's learning standards and our Dublin City School's graded course of study and curriculum.

    You can view Dublin City schools curriculum by going to our district website, going to Academics-Teaching and Learning, and clicking on the curriculum tab. We hope that our standards-based report card will provide you with accurate information about student performance in meeting these priority standards at each grade level rather than assigning a percentage number of points or grade. This grade reporting mid-year and end of year will be based on your student's level of understanding and mastery standards-based reporting shifts. The focus moves towards understanding what a student is able to do and at what level they can perform. The marks are intended to reflect student performance in meeting grade level standards. We know that learning progressions of children are too complex to be reduced to a simple letter grade. 

    Our standards-based reporting system is designed to provide specific information about the skills students are progressing towards mastering. Elementary is a time when students gain foundational skills. This grade reporting is going to give you more details about your child's learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child's classroom teacher. They will be able to discuss your child's learning progress.

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