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  • Our Philosophy

    To the maximum extent possible, students with disabilities should be served with their same-age peers in their home schools.

    In order to effectively implement our philosophy, we believe:

    • Parents are valuable team members in the development of educational plans for their children. 
    • Students with disabilities should be offered a continuum of services.
    • Each school should have staff that works as a team to meet the unique needs of each student with a disability.
    • Staff development is crucial to meeting student needs and staying current with the latest information.
    • Technology should be incorporated into the curriculum to maximize opportunities for students with disabilities to reach high standards.


    To request special education records, please contact Kim Evans at evans_kim@dublinschools.net.


    Special Education Coordinators

    Elementary schools and non-public schools

    Michael Leopold 
    Deer Run, Glacier Ridge, Hopewell, Indian Run, Olde Sawmill, Riverside, and Scottish Corners
    E-mail: leopold_michael@dublinschools.net

    Jara Packer 
    Bailey, Chapman, Depp, Pinney, Thomas, Wright, Wyandot, and all non-public schools
    Email: packer_jara@dublinschools.net

    Middle schools

    Lenore Cereghini
    Davis, Eversole Run, Grizzell, Karrer, and Sells
    Email: cereghini_lenore@dublinschools.net

    High schools

    Shawn Heimlich
    Coffman, Jerome, Scioto, The Bridge, PATHS, and Tolles
    Email: heimlich_shawn@dublinschools.net


    Administrative Support Specialists

    Barb Collins   collins_barb@dublinschools.net   614-760-4358
    Kim Evans   evans_kim@dublinschools.net   
    Peggy Scott   scott_peggy@dublinschools.net  


    DEW Required Forms
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