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    We believe the effective use of technology in classrooms is an integral part of learning and teaching in today's world. Students will experience a rich and relevant learning environment with teachers who are able to seamlessly integrate technology into their daily lessons, and continually learn ways to become more efficient by using technology to help create, communicate, collaborate, record, and analyze data. 


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    Google Tools:

    New features to help keep kids and families safer and entertained with tech

    Tech Toolkit for Families

    Google Families

    Google Accessibility Tools

    Best Practices for Family Engagement

    Explore Your Chromebook

    Wi-Fi Connectivity on your Chromebook

    How to Fix a Wifi connectivity Issue on your Chromebook


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: My student’s device needs to be repaired or is having problems. Where do I go, and when?
    A: If your student has trouble logging in or general Chromebook issues, please visit the Student Page.
    A: If your student's device is physically damaged and in need of break-fix support, please visit your school's Media Center to turn in your Chromebook; you will receive a loaner device.
    A: Often, power washing a Chromebook can fix many issues.  You can find out how to do that here -  Powerwash Chromebook

    Q: My student is newly enrolled. How do I get them a Dublin City Schools 1:1 Chromebook for grades 6-12?
    A: After your student's enrollment is complete and you have your student stop by the school Media Center to be issued a device.  Please make sure you have signed the 1:1 Chromebook Agreement
    1:1 Chromebook Agreement

    Q: My student’s device is locked on a screen that states “Please return to Dublin City Schools.” What do I do?
    A: Is your student still currently enrolled in Dublin? Once a student is withdrawn, their Dublin-owned device is locked and must be returned to the district.
    A: If you did not leave the district please visit the school Media Center to get your device unlocked.

    A: You might have reported your student's device as lost or stolen. If you found your student's device, please contact your student’s teacher or home school building so it can be unlocked.

    Q: Where should I drop off my student’s Chromebook when they withdraw from Dublin City Schools?
    A:  You can return it to your student's home school building or Media Center.
    Q: How do I get a Parent Schoology Code?
    A: Please contact your student's school counselor.


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