Student Services

  • The Student Services Division of the Department of Academics and Student Learning directs and supports the development, implementation, and operation of educational programs and services that meet the unique needs of gifted students, English learners, and students with disabilities. The division provides instructional leadership and coordination of early childhood, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary transition programs. Our goal is excellence and equity for all students through our focus on:

    • Student growth and achievement
    • Program design and efficiency
    • Professional development
  • Chris Ondrus Headshot

    Chris Ondrus
    Executive Director of Student Services

    Lenore Cereghini Headshot

    Lenore Cereghini
    Student Services Coordinator / Middle School

     Shawn Heimlich headshot

    Shawn Heimlich
    Student Services Coordinator / High School & Emerald Campus Programs


  • Erica Stone Headshot

    Erica Stone
    English Learner Coordinator

    Tyler Wolfe, Director of Social Emotional Learning

    Tyler Wolfe
    Director of Student Wellness

    Michael Leopold headshot

    Michael Leopold
    Student Services Coordinator / Elementary School
    Deer Run, Glacier Ridge, Hopewell, Indian Run, Olde Sawmill, Riverside, Scottish Corners

  • Rachel Dobney Headshot

    Rachel Dobney
    Coordinator of Gifted Services

    Vanessa Ohlinger headshot

    Vanessa Ohlinger
    Principal / Preschool

    Jara Packer headshot

    Jara Packer
    Student Services Coordinator / Elementary School
    Bailey, Chapman, Depp, Pinney, Thomas, Wright, Wyandot, Nonpublic Schools

    • The Teaching and Learning Division supports the PK-12 academic programming through rigorous curriculum and student-centered instructional practices. Their focus is on development, planning, implementing and assessing curriculum as well as supporting Dublin's learning community.  Through providing a strong academic foundation, the Teaching & Learning Division ensures that all students are prepared for success. 

    • Picture of Lori Marple

      Lori Marple

      Executive Director of Teaching and Learning


    • Lori Mesi

      Lori Mesi

      Coordinator of Pathways & Partnerships

    • Gina Seeman

      Gina Seeman

      PK-12 Coordinator of Curriculum

      (Literacy & Humanities)