• School Support: Help Make #theDublinDifference

    Dublin City Schools is committed in providing our students with a well-rounded education which includes experiences that go beyond what they learn in the classroom. We believe that every staff member has the ability to make a difference for our students. From food services and translators to bus drivers and more, there are many different ways to be involved with our district.

    Support in Schools:

    Our kids deserve individualized support. Instructional Parapros are in the classroom every day collaborating with our teachers, working with students.

    Provides support to our students beyond the classroom instruction.

    Provides administrative support at all levels encompassing all variations.

    Support in Operations:

    Our students deserve pristine learning environments. Our custodial staff takes pride in the cleanliness of our buildings.

    Food Services
    Our students need nutritious meals to fuel their learning. Meals and other services are provided by Chartwells.

    Building Maintenance and Grounds
    Our buildings are historic city treasures. Our maintenance and grounds teams keep these complex learning environments operating in top form so that our students can too.

    Support Schools Centrally:

    Information Technology
    Our systems are complicated, but our work is focused on supporting teachers and students. Your expertise is the foundation that enables teaching and learning to happen seamlessly.

    Human Resources
    Our staff are the most important asset we have – and there are more than 1800 of them. Moreover, they are making their careers making a difference for the students in our district. Our HR department has a passion for providing strong customer service and innovative supports for our staff members across the district.